Services We Provide
At CPR Lawn care we customizes each mowing account to meet the needs and
wants of our customers and the requirements of the areas to me maintained. Our
equipment is maintained to provide the utmost in dependability and quality of the
cut. Mowing heights are set at 3 to 3 1/2 inches throughout the summer to increase
the turf's color and vigor during stressful summer heat.

Mowing patterns are alternated every other week so as to provide a more
appealing appearance, thus enhancing the beauty of the turf areas.

Our customized five-step lawn care program is meant to provide the nutrients and
weed control/preemergents at the appropriate time to increase the color and
healthiness of the turf. Great care goes into our product selection to insure that
our customers' lawns are able to maintain peak fertility and vigor throughout the
growing season.

As part of the service, above soil insects are treated on an as-needed basis for full
program customers. Sub-soil insects such as grubs can be treated for an additional
charge if necessary.

All of our lawn applications are posted at the time of application so that you and
your neighbors are aware that the products have been applied to your lawn. An
invoice is left on your door at the time of the application to explain products used
or services provided as well as any cultural recommendations or notes.